new feature of ilissAfrica: results linked to WorldCat, German union catalogues & document delivery service

ilissAfrica’s combined catalogue now allows the following availability searches:

  • Our new cross search makes it easier to access the bibliographic references found. Find out the nearest location of the found document.
  • There are links to
    => WorldCat and to the
    => German union catalogues
    to find out which library nearest to you holds a copy.
  • For articles there are links to
    => the EZB to access the online journal directly and
    => the ZDB to see which German library holds a copy of the print version (see below).
  • Get the document via the document delivery service subito e.V.

Please note:

Some of the buttons only appear if an ISBN/ISSN is in the original metadata, if not, there is no possibility to create the link. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.

Caption:Availability in German Libraries

  • EZB means “Elektronische Zeitschriftenbibliothek” (Electronic Journals Library) managed by the University Library Regensburg. The availability of full text access is indicated by different colours according to the license situation of each member library. Based upon the open URL technology the EZB linking service offers direct access to the full text being published in a scholarly e-journal. If a user searches in ilissAfrica she or he gets results, where the user finds an EZB-button. I f the user pursues the EZB link, he will come to a web page in the EZB created specifically for this link. This EZB web page informs the user about the accessibility of the full-text. It shows with the help of the traffic light symbol if the full-text of the article is accessible without charge, or if it may be used under the license of an EZB member library. Finally, the EZB leads the user to the full-text from a supplier to which access rights are locally available. In order to facilitate the user’s access to the full-text, the EZB provides a direct link to the desired articles whenever possible. If a link to the article is not possible, the EZB points to the next highest level: table of contents of the issue, annual summary of the volume, or the journal home page. In these latter cases, the user is given specific directions to call up the full-text.
  • ZDB is the abbreviation of “Zeitschriftendatenbank“. This is the German national union catalogue for serial and journals titles. The ZDB contains more bibliographic records of serials and journals (electronic and print) and at the same time shows their availability in German libraries.

We appreciate any comments on these new functionalities of ilissAfrica!

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This is the blog of the internet library sub-saharan Africa (ilissAfrica).

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