Botswana collection of the DGFB now fully accessible

The “Deutsche Gesellschaft der Freunde Botswanas” has donated its library to the Africa Special Collection at Frankfurt University Library. Members of this German Association of the friends of Botswana are dispersed all over Germany. The central position of the city of Frankfurt provides easy access for all of them. Additionally, the rich collections on sub-saharan Africa  seemed to be the right context:  In 2012 more than 250 titles collected by the members found their lasting home directly beside many volumes of modern research literature on Botswana and more titles bought locally in Botswana. Now in 2016 all of the material has been catalogued and indexed by subject.

AIDSpamphletsIMG_20160706_131148 HeritagePamphletsIMG_20160706_130918








According to the members of the association the focus subjects covered are

  • books and pamphlets on HIV/AIDS
  • politics
  • government publications including statistics and development plans
  • tourism and heritage







Access to the Botswana titles:

  1. To explore the donation of the “Deutsche Gesellschaft der Freunde Botswanas” a local key in the online catalogue allows to restrict the search to this special collection.
  2. To include any other titles on Botswana available at Frankfurt University Library use the subject indexing in the online catalogue.
  3. Find Botswana related literature in other important European libraries through ilissAfrica.

Frankfurt University Library’s Africa Collection: Highlights of 2010

The Special Collection on Africa south of the Sahara at Frankfurt University Library looks back on a successful year 2010:

  • the acquisition budget rose to 152.000 EUR compared to 138.000 EUR in 2009, of which 60 %  were funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG)
  • 47.000 EUR of this were spent on periodicals
  • 3.697 books were bought and 200 were received as gifts
  • more than 1.300 of these books were published in Africa (e.g. via LoC Office Nairobi, Thorold, African Books Collective, Africa Book Centre, Soumbala, Espace Afrique)
  • 2.233 documents were delivered to German libraries via inter-library loan and even 210 to foreign countries
  • the number of DFG funded German national licences with relevance to the African Studies rose to 24 including e.g. “eHRAF”, “Corpus de la littérature francophone de l’Afrique noire” and the “World Bank E-Library Archive” with more than 110 E-Books on Africa
  • “Africa-Wide NiPAD” now is called “Africa-Wide Information” and is offered to all German users as a Pay-per-Use-Access
  • until the end of 2010 more than 4.000 websites had been indexed in ilissAfrica
  • the catalogues of NAI Uppsala and IFEAS Mainz were integrated in the cross search of ilissAfrica
  • a new e-learning-tutorial on „African Studies Informationskompetenz“ for our German users were set up as a Wiki
  • the ilissAfrica Dashboard on Netvibes offers a tool to keep up with the masses of information
  • our information and marketing policy was extended to WordPress, Twitter and Facebook
  • an information booth, a workshop and a presentation to German junior scholars at the meeting of the “Vereinigung der Afrikawissenschaften in Deutschland” (VAD), 7.-11.4.2010, at the Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz, were used for the evaluation of ilissAfrica
  • the European network was fostered, e.g. 7.6.2010 in London on the annual meeting of the European Librarians in African Studies (ELIAS)

Please, allow me a personal ending: The people at the Africa department and the ilissAfrica project did a very good job in 2010. Thank you very much for all your efforts! We are glad about our core project partner at the GIGA Information Centre in Hamburg. Additionally, we have to thank the staff of Frankfurt University Library and especially the acquisition and media department who supported our activities in all conceivable ways. And finally, we thank all our colleagues, especially in Europe, who share their experiences with us generously.

I wish you all a Happy Easter and hopefully we will meet personally in 2011, a good opportunity would be in June in Uppsala on ECAS or the ELIAS meeting!

Dr. Hartmut Bergenthum

Guide to new acquisitions lists of library collections on Africa

Many libraries specialised on Africa provide lists of the books and journals they acquired recently. These lists include the newly produced books from and about Africa. Therefore, they give insights in the development of the local book markets as well as the book production in other countries on Africa. Additionally, they serve as tools to monitor trends in recent research.

Some examples:

Please, do add other lists of new acquisitions and make comments!

Last revision 14th Jan 2013 thanks to comments by Reto Ulrich, Marlene van Doorn and Sonia Abun-Nasr.