New in ilissAfrica’s “Internet resources”-search: auto-suggest, hit highlighting, drill down & tag cloud

The search functionality of ilissAfrica’s database on internet resources with more than 4.600 indexed websites on sub-Saharan Africa was modernized:

1.) the auto-suggest component

The database shows you all terms used for indexing starting with the same characters. This helps also to see search terms in different languages.

2.) hit highlighting component

See the context in snippets where the search term was found.

3.) drill down / faceted navigation:

Limit your search results choosing “countries”, “keywords” and “resource types”:

4.) tag cloud

A cloud with all keywords – the font size shows how often it has been used.

5.) new resources list & RSS feeds

Explore the most recent indexed websites. All lists of results can by integrated in other websites via RSS-feeds.

6.) spell checking: Did you mean …?

If one gets no results because of typing errors an automatic suggestion is made.

7.) Search for similar resources with a re-selection of keywords

Still it is possible to browse by “Countries”, broad “Subject areas” and “Resource types”.

Please note, that “old”-URLs will be forwarded to the new ones, so every special link on sections of the website database should work.