Guide to African newspapers and newspapers on Africa

African Newspapers

The Center for Research Libraries (CRL) recently conducted an assessment of African newspapers online. CRL’s survey found that only a fraction of African newspaper titles are currently available online. Of an estimated 1,300 titles in circulation throughout Africa, CRL found only 484 titles with some form of active online presence. See the detailed report.

Online access via:

  • AllAfrica aggregates and produces 2000 news items daily from over 130 African news organizations, they operate from Cape Town, Dakar, Lagos, Monrovia, Nairobi and Washington DC.
  • Others are Panapress and Afrol News
  • Nordic Africa
    Institute’s “A Guide to Africa on the Internet” under the headings links sorted by subject “News and media” or sorted by country or region.
  • Stanford: African Newspapers by Country
  • Stanford: African Newspapers continent-wide
  • World-newspapers -> Africa
  • African newspapers, part of the Readex World Newspaper Archive, a full-text digital collection of historical African newspapers (1800-1922)

Adresses and Links in printed books:

  • Africa south of the Sahara 2012, 41st ed., London : Routledge (Europa regional surveys of the world); has country entries with a section on “The Press”.
  • The African studies companion : a guide to information sources. / Zell, Hans M.. – 4th rev.and expanded ed. – Lochcarron, Scotland : Zell 2008; chapter 10 “News Sources for Africa”, p.299 and chapter 11 “The African Press”, pp. 306-357. A fifth edition is announced by Brill for Sept. 2012.

Further guides to African newspapers:

 African Newspapers in German libraries:

 African Newspapers in Europe:

  • For newspapers of anglophone countries the collections of the British Library are strong, see their guide
  • Bibliothèque nationale de France, Press department

 African Newspapers in the U.S.:

  • The core of the Cooperative African Newspapers Project is the African Newspapers Union List (AFRINUL), a centralized electronic database of holdings information for newspapers (all formats and all languages) published in sub-Saharan Africa. AFRINUL currently consolidates holdings information for collections in North America, and will expand to include holdings in Africa, Europe, and elsewhere.
  • The Library of Congress has the largest collection of overseas newspapers in the world (>25,000 non-US titles), see their “Newspaper & Current periodical Reading Room”

News digests:

  • see the overview of Florida, e.g. of the EIU Country Reports to follow the economic and political development in a country
  • UN news channel “IRIN – Integrated Regional Information Network, Humanitarian News and Analysis” monitors Africa  and publishes daily reports and news

News feeds aggregated:

  • ilissAfrica’s Netvibes dashboard “Africa news” with RSS-feeds of allAfrica, BBC, NYT, CNN, Human Rights Watch, VOA, Reuters, IRIN, ODI, …
  • ASC Leiden’s Netvibes dashboard has more RSS-feeds from individual African newspapers
  • many newspapers have a Twitter-account and they can be aggrregated with “lists”, e.g. from ilissAfrica or LSE


Newspapers on Africa


  • LexisNexis [toll access] with important German and international newspapers, also includes The Times (South Africa),  Africa Ne
  • Library PressDisplay [toll access], 1.700 newspapers from 92 countries as digital copies of the printed versions (last 60 days).
  • Africa-wide NiPAD [toll access], database „Media Africa”
  • British Newspapers 1800-1900, a BL partnership with Gale Cengage [toll access]. Compare also the
    British Newspaper Archives, a BL partnership with Brightsolid online publishing.
  • WISO-Net [toll access], German resources.
  • German National Licences with 19th Century British Library Newspapers, America’s Historical Newspapers, Financial Times Historical Archive 1888-2006, Nineteenth Century U.S. Newspapers , The Times Digital Archive 1785 – 1900, …
  • Historical press clippings of the Archives of Hamburgisches Welt-Wirtschafts-Archiv (HWWA) and Wirtschaftsarchiv des Instituts für Weltwirtschaft (IfW) with a focus on “Deutsch-Südwestafrika” and “Abessinien”
  • Innsbrucker Zeitungsarchiv zur deutsch- und fremdsprachigen Literatur – IZA with articles on African literature and authors.
  • allows to search digital newspaper collections from around the globe in the aggregate with a focus on only historical, digitized newspapers (Australia and US dominates)
  • ilissAfrica websites

Global news agencies with Africa section:

Literature on newspapers and journalism in Africa:

  • Literature and websites via ilissAfrica
  • Compare Hartmut Bergenthum, ‘African Newspapers in the Online World. Information Gains and Losses’, in: Terry Barringer / Marion Wallace (eds.), African Studies in the Digital Age. DisConnects?, Leiden: Brill 2014, pp. 197-220.

Thanks to comments by Marion Wallace, Jos Damen and Hans Zell!

(last update 11th September 2014)

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