Open Access Guides for Africa

See two recent Open Access Guides especially for Africa:

  • Special Africa” on the website “Open Access to scientifique communication”. Hans DILLAERTS and Hélène BOSC want to present, select and organize current information about Open Access.  (In French)
  • Open Access Guide for researchers based in Africa: Cheap or free Access to Databases and E-Journals” – a list provided by the internet library sub-saharan Africa (ilissAfrica) (In French)

And two recent examples for “best practice”:

  • Journal of African Economies – OUP offers academic, research and educational institutions within developing countries free (or greatly reduced) online access to JAE (further details)
  • HSRC Press is South Africa’s open access publisher committed to the dissemination of high quality social science research based publications, in print and electronic form. The Press publishes the research output of the Human Science Research Council and externally authored works.

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This is the blog of the internet library sub-saharan Africa (ilissAfrica).

3 Responses to Open Access Guides for Africa

  1. ilissafrica says:

    Two lectures on Open Access in Africa are now accessible as streamed media

  2. Iryna Kuchma: “The State of Open Access Publishing and Open Access Repositories in Africa” (49 minutes)
  3. Dr Peter Johan Lor: “Information flows to and from sub-Saharan Africa: a social justice perspective” (64 minutes)
  4. They were presented at a seminar on Dissemination, Open Access and Africa for Swedish librarians organised by the Nordic Africa Institute (9.11.2010).

  • ilissafrica says:

    Open Access Africa”-conference by BioMedCentral with presentations (Nov 2010)

  • ilissafrica says:

    Compare the “Access to journals” website of Africa Desk with a new guide:

    Accessing journals and other resources in African universities and research institutes: A brief guide for researchers (January 2011)

    Prepared by the ACU and INASP.

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